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Fine Arts

Visual and performing arts are held as an important part of the experience at Wesley Academy.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade attend Fine Arts classes twice each week and Middle School students attend 2 Fine Arts courses for a quarter each throughout their school year. Electives often incorporate elements of out-of-the-box fine arts concepts from digital composition, broadcasting film, creating an original play, and applying creativity through the yearbook.

The various levels of Fine Arts offer differentiated lessons that cater to the students' interests and abilities. Students learn about famous artists and artistic mediums as they explore their individual creativity throughout the school year. 

Through musical and theatrical components, students are exposed to a variety of genres, musical instruments and music theory. Our Fine Arts program offers an invaluable artistic outlet, allowing maximum engagement in support of whole brain learning.

Christmas Program
Wesley Academy is unique in that each December Kindergarten through 8th grade comes together to share the meaning of Christmas in the Christmas Program. 

Spring Program
Each spring, our Wesley Wranglers come together to present an engaging program for the community. This is an opportunity for our students to challenge themselves through performing,

**While not all students may feel comfortable all stage, we provide other students to participate in stage management, set design, or sound control.