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Older Toddlers

At Wesley Academy, we begin accepting students at three-months old and provide an academic curriculum that intentionally builds the strong developmental foundation needed to excel as they progress into prekindergarten and beyond.  Wesley provides a low ratio of teacher to students in a Christian environment where your child can grow socially, emotionally, and academically.  We recognize that your child is an individual that it is our goal to personalize your family's experience in our school setting.  Our daily goal is to guide your child's development while partnering with you.  Generally, these are the developmental milestones we work towards:

  • Identify some numbers
  • Verbally count to 10
  • Develop one-to-one correspondence when counting objects
  • Identify forms and shapes
  • Understand prepositions (in/out) and opposites (up/down)
Categorize and Identify
  • Categorize objects by attributes, such as shape, color, or size
  • Identify some colors
  • Begin to sequence familiar events in time
  • Introduce concepts of more, less, and equal
Language Arts
  • Experience different types of literature: picture books, big books, classic fairy tales
  • Class Library
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Begin phonological awareness
  • Upper case letter recognition
  • Hold a crayon and marker with fingers instead of a fist
  • Utilize vertical writing surfaces to develop correct writing grasp
Elements of Language
  • Use words to express feelings
  • Begins to use correct grammatical construction in their own speech
Social Studies
  • Begin to recognize that all cultures have family units
  • Begin to understand basic human needs of all people
Governance and Civics
  • Listen to and follow simple instructions
  • Develop turn taking skills
  • Understand and follows basic classroom rules
Individual, Groups, and Interactions
  • Negotiate with peers during play
  • Play cooperatively with peers
  • Participate in cleanup activities
  • Begin to describe characteristics of living things
  • Introduce the five senses
  • Begin to recognize that we live on planet earth
  • Daily weather conditions
  • Begin to solve simple design problems
  • Begin to describe properties of simple objects
  • Name and point to body parts
Centers to Develop Fine Motor Skills and Cognitive Skills
Art Center
  • Use scissors to cut
  • Control paint and paintbrush
  • Create artwork using a variety of materials
Block/Building Center
  • Build with blocks
Puzzles/Manipulates Center
  • Use lacing cards, string beads, and peg boards
  • Work puzzles
Cognitive Skills Dramatic Play Center
  • Participate in role play activities
Sensory Center
  • Sing familiar songs and finger plays
  • Provide a variety of sensory experiences with different textures and smells