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NILD Educational Therapy


For parents of children who struggle to learn, finding effective intervention can be a challenge.  The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) has developed tools for learning that offer hope.

NILD Education Therapy differs from tutoring in that cognitive and perceptual weaknesses are strengthened to support independent learning.  This approach is individualized and involves intensive mediated learning.  The focus of our one-on-one and small-group, individualized interventions is to address the underlying causes of learning difficulties, rather than simply treating the symptoms as tutoring does.  NILD education therapy is a true therapy in that it aims the intervention just above the student's current level of functioning and raises expectations for performance, which creates the framework to foster that growth.

NILD students become competent, confident learners.  They gain mastery over their cognitive vulnerabilities and hone their cognitive strengths for success in the classroom and in life.