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Mission & Philosophy

At Wesley Academy, we believe that children should be enthusiastic about learning as they experience support in a nurturing environment.  Wesley believes that children of all learning abilities who are able to adapt emotionally and socially to classroom routines deserve a private school education that is affordable. 

Admission is based upon the aptitude and achievement levels of applicants, allowing Wesley Academy to best serve the interests of students who are academically able and can benefit from the program of instruction offered. Our student body represents the diversity of Houston. We encourage children of all creeds, races and ethnic groups to work together and learn from each other.


Wesley Academy provides a personalized and rigorous education in a caring, Christian environment to equip students with knowledge and experience to contribute to their communities.


The philosophy of  Wesley Academy is to provide an environment where:
  • High expectations and standards of excellence are held for students, faculty and staff
  • A loving and nurturing Christian community exists where individual personalities can develop
  • The teaching and learning process is designed for children with a range of abilities
  • Balanced attention is given to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and moral development of students
  • Students of all creeds, race, ethnic and socioeconomic groups work together and learn from each other